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Designers far and wide have been yearning to tout their sartorial aptitude for over a year, and in light of  Fashion Week Studio Official’s incentive to showcase these talents, their aspirations have finally come to fruition. On a Friday During one of Fashion’s most prominent seasons, fourteen sensational clothing aficionados including Christopher Korey Collective, Frida Xhoi & Xhei, House of Solana, Red Berry Woman, Pretty Posh, Kozy Saila, Fervenzi, Two Point Two, Weiling Chang, The Ella Marie, Mireia Balaguer Bridal,  Nikki Blaine Couture, Hanin Couture, and Andrea Lalanza, all revealed the glamour and spontaneity of their individual labels which quarantine had been suppressing for so long. Ornamenting the halls of a comely Spanish – Colonial architectured mansion, each and every collection was live streamed by media instagram outlets @FashionBombDaily, @FashionWeekOnline, as well as the company’s own handle @FashionWeekStudioOfficial.

Delivering handcrafted scarves and masks was Kozy Saila, followed by the regal couture of The Ella Marie Official, Subsequent to the grandiose seduction of House of Solana. Christopher Korey Collective bore men and women’s ultra-chic while Frida Xhoi & Xhei and Mireia Balaguer entertained stupefying bridalwear. Red Berry Women introduced an optimistic surge of culture with their latest Native Couture line, as Nikki Blaine tuned into her signature cosmopolitan dapperness with her most recent assemblage. Going against the grain, Two Point Two carried chaos with their nuovo eclecticism. Weiling Chang staggered the online viewers with a plethora of timeless and flattering luxe looks. A stroke of elegant intimacy was  pursued through the likings of Pretty Posh Corp, while Hanin Couture and Andrea Lalanza reaffirmed the beauty of Wedding Wear in all its glory. Finally, FervenziWear  revealed their leather jacket story of pure adamant creativity.

Christopher Korey Collective

With his latest Made-To-Order ultra Chic Mens and Women’s collection, Christopher Korey Collective is very much a believer in iconic formalwear. Refined yet ritzy, CKC emerged this fashion season with an amalgamation of dapper cuts that could be distinguished from any corner of the Earth. 

Frida Xhoi & Xhei

You didn’t have to be a bride-to-be to have fallen in love with Salon Frida’s exceedingly unique wedding gowns. Their most recent 2021 Collection featured overwhelmingly glamorous and scintillating A-line bustier ball gowns — carrying with them a radiance brighter than the runway they walked on. 

House of Solana  

The incredibly cultured powerhouse, House of Solana, left the audience in awe once more with her most recent line featuring intense color-therapy. The Plus-Size Fashion Designer translated the value of femininity and empowerment via dresses and sets through her latest  collection. 

Red Berry Woman

Contemporary, Traditional, and Native. These words reap the motto of Red Berry Woman’s clothing company, as did their most recent collection from their latest showing. With small insinuations via the Designer’s Native American roots, this line did not fail to impress. 

Pretty Posh

Pretty Posh bore elegant and sexy lingerie, showing an entertaining rush of amplified embroidery within regal pieces. Every garment allowed the audience to imagine themselves in their pinnacle of luxury intimates, while maintaining a graceful appeal.


“Wearable art to save a heart” KozySaila calls itself, and lives up to the name as well. In these unprecedented times, KozySaila finds themselves projecting a reality of safety and fashion through their scarves and mask accessories. With the finest fabrics and rarest designs, KozySaila is the fashion liberator during the pandemic times. 


Coming across a company with leather jackets that promise quality and accentuates authenticity can be taxing in these modern times for fashion — though Fervenzi’s leather collections detour this hindrance. Fervenzi’s recent line produced an extensive variety of premium quality leather jackets that allows their clientele to “wear their story”.

Two Point Two

Deciphering the mood of gender-neutral, yet speaking for no gender at all was Two Point Two. During their most recent collection debut, we were provided with Androgynous serenity that flowed through the minds of viewers with chaotic, yet somehow ethereal silhouettes. 

Weiling Chang

Weiling Chang, a New York Designer native, delineated their “Time Traveler” Collection this most recent fashion week. Furnishing a lookbook of soft, flattering drapery, combined with stylish short-suits, Weiling Chang was a hard to miss masterpiece on the runway. 

The Ella-Marie  

The Ella-Marie is a label where the glamour of a girl runs rampant. Glitter. Mini Dresses. Mini Dresses with Glitter, and sultry and sumptuous cutouts of maxi-dresses are all a crucial component of this clothing line’s work. Haute Couture Meets Met-Gala chic was the feel during the runway walks of The Ella-Marie’s clothing line.

Mireia Balaguer Bridal

Clothing designers are often not given enough credit for being artists as well — Mireia Balaguer being one of them. Within her latest assortment of bridalwear, were fabulously crafted elegant gowns full of silk and beading that any fiance would drool over. 

Nikki Blaine Couture 

It takes a design virtuoso to bring excitement to eveningwear; Nikki Blaine being the virtuoso in question. Glam and Chic, the silvery and glistening color palette of her clothing presented during her latest runway show was iconic for any woman who desires to wear her pieces.

Hanin Couture

“It’s not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” Hanin Couture speaks for only the idols of fashion with elite taste when she touts her brand’s slogan. Remarkably dainty, and seemingly untouchable, Hanin Couture’s most recent lookbook of dresses was certainly distinguished. 

Andrea Lalanza

Based in Barcelona, Andrea Lalanza is a bridalwear daydream. Curated white dresses were fervent within her most recent line. Through enhancing silhouettes and exquisite femininity, Andrea Lalanza sustained the fantasy aesthetic for all brides-to-be. 

Though this season’s shows were bestowed upon us fashion fanatics slightly differently, the art and pure luxury of these new designs put a purpose in our step, as Fashion Week Studio Official usually does. The extensive connection between the live stream that was these individual fashion shows and the fervent audience that wawaite their glory was stronger than ever, with a press attending more copious than ever.

The glamour circulating the air throughout the mansion during these live-streamed shows was beyond recognizable even behind the phone screen, and was an irreplaceable moment for the fashion industry alone. We anticipate Fashion Week Studio’s forthcoming virtual shows for the upcoming seasons to date, and urge the fashion lover to tune in in all their glory!.

Fashion Show Producer: Fashion Week Studio @fashionweekstudioofficial

Fashion Week Studio Article Editor: Madison Grace Munson PWFT Magazine @pwfashiontimes Article Editor: Mariana Cattoir

Directors – Nathanaelle Hottois Haines @nathanaellehottoishaines David T. Haines @davidhaines 1st & 2nd assistant director – Alessandra Loron @fashionweek_traveler  Taylor King @taylorking 
Executive Producer – Tracy Murray @tracy__murray Cinematographer – Derrick Hammond @derrickhammond920
Drone Pilot – Ken Britt @fifthedimensionstudios
Visual Director & Editor – Luke Ayers @layersfree
Live Stream Technician – Aaron Leal @aaronleal
Production Assistant – Jessica Scozzola @jessicascozzola
Photographers – Emily Jean, Brandon Faust, Ernesto Garcia @emilyyjeann @ernestogarciarios1
Hair & MUA Team – Cecelia Kirby, Jax Kirby, Keva Davis, Lamia, Nicki Lentry,
Kiyana Hammond, Amber Joy, Alyssa Ramirez. @ceceliahair @__jaxonrose @keva_s_davis @flawlessskincosmeticsllc @insta_ki103 @joybeautyartistry @dolledupbyalyssa
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