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StorytellParis 7 artist Haute Couture Fashion Show – StorytellParis Parisfashionweek July 1st 2019 @storytotellparis
Photographer @marianacattoir @pariswalkersfrance
Pariswalkers Fashion Times

The storytotell Fashion Shows was a delight to see! such beautiful collections! colorfull textils transformed in art of deep feelings, perfect music, a world of world of stories! it was a such pleasure to attend to Storytotell Fashion show! – Special Editor note*

Seven artist reunited at The Atelier Néerlandais in Paris wich is a special place for art exhibitions and shows, launched in 2014 and funded by the Dutch Embassy, located in the 7th arrondissement, the political center of Paris, pretty close of the Grand Palais, one of the most beautiful exhibition spaces of the capital, was the perfect place for show casing such talented designers.

ZAZAI Power collection
“In my new collection I show the power of Afghan women, but also the darkness and hell on earth in wich many of them still live today” Zazai.

DAUVIA NIJENHUIS Nontle collection
African name’s collection means “Mother’s beauty” wich is the greatest inspiration of the designer, wich reminds her mother and the African beauty.  Nontle inspired by a woman who is both sophisticated and powerful.

DAVID PAULUS Pop-Art Fetish. Dolls representing dreams, colorfull cartons, phantasy, passion, heaven, sophisticated phantasy on fire!

ANNA – ELISE GHISLAINE A Message from the Elder Brothers inspiration. This collection is inspired by the Arhuaco tribe from Colombia with a contrast of the luxuries of this modern world.

DT COUTURE Social Slave Collection
This collection is inspired by social media.

Studio Bolder Life Under The Sea,

Photographed by Mariana Cattoir @marianacattoir @pariswalkersfrance
Pariswalkers Fashion Times
& Published with Fashion Magazine 24

Storytotell Fashion Show
/Atelier Néerlandais in Paris
Paris Fashion Week

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